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PDF School Schedule August 2017-May 2018

The School Year Schedule for 2017-2018 Click link above to view:
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We take ongoing registration throughout the school year. July 31st will be the start of our 2017 school year classes. Our schedule will continue until May 2018. Once you sign-up for a class you are enrolled in classes until you turn in a written two weeks notice.
If you have questions about our schedule or would like to sign-up for a class please call us at: 770-422-9900, come on in to see us, or email us at: [email protected] or [email protected]
We look forward to having you and your future gymnast at our gym.
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You have a member fee that you pay once a year of $45. Your monthly fee is due at the start of each month.
THE SCHOOL YEAR 2017-2018  Schedule will run July 31st,2017 until May 2018 .
Gymnastics Classes
Girls Gymnastics Ages 4-18
(8:1 student/teacher ratio)
Equipment used: Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault, Trampoline, Pit
Boys Gymnastics Ages 4-18
(8:1 student/teacher ratio)
Equipment used: Bars, Parallel Blocks/mats, Rings, Pommel Horse, Vault, Floor, Trampoline, Pit
Classes are taught according to a solid progressional curriculum supported by star skill progression cards. The focus is on instruction, acquisition, and mastery of gymnastics skills on all the Olympic events. The classes are 55 minutes a week, $65 a month. Equipment available for all gymnastics classes include: in-ground foam training pit, in-ground trampoline, beams, bars, vaulting, and a full size spring floor.

Boys & Girls Gymnastics: In our gymnastics classes individuals are taught at their own skill level. Classes are 55 minutes long once a week unless you sign-up for additional classes. Children will learn gymnastics terminology and the basic skills for each event. The children will be working towards more difficult skills and combining skills.

Girls Advanced Gymnastics: 55 minute class for those who have experience and the focus to work harder on skills. This class works on strength and flexibility to develop harder skills.

Boys Extreme Gymnastics: 55 minute class 7 years and up. A new program with a lot of programs in one. Extreme gymnastics will involve running up walls, mats, and flipping. Doing gymnastics with objects such as balls, hoops, and more. Group gymnastics where you will do tricks with other students, and endurance challenges to improve strength and flexibility. Rotations will use the trampoline, pit,

Girls High Level Gymnastics: 55 minute class. Gymnasts are working on perfecting their skills and combination of skills. This class is offered to gymnasts who have years of gymnastics experience These classes are $65 a month.

Tumbling Classes are for Ages 5-18

Offered to Girls and Boys
Focus Equipment: Floor, Trampoline, Pit
Tumbling Classes: Ages 5-18 (8:1 student/teacher ratio) 55 minute class. In our tumbling classes individuals are taught at their own skill level. Tumbling classes focus on tumbling skills, terminology, working from the basic fundamentals to build up to the bigger skills in tumbling. Always working towards more difficult skills and combining skills.
Advanced Tumbling: Ages 6-18 (10:1 ratio) 55 minute class. Is an hour long class for those students whom already have achieved a backhandspring and are working towards connecting skills and back and front tucks.
Backhandspring Clinic/Class ages 6-18 (8:1 ratio) 55 minute class This class offers work on just one skill the backhandspring. Working drills and progressions to get a backhandspring by themselves. This class can be a monthly class where you have a spot all month or you can take it as a clinic where you pay per class as long as there are openings.
Acro Tumbling: ages 6-18 (8:1 student ratio) 55 minute class. This is a new program this year. This class will focus on the fundamental acrobatic and tumbling moves. This class only works on the floor, trampoline, and pit. Sample moves include; cartwheels, cartwheel step-ins, back/frontbends, back/frontwalkovers, side/front aerials, head/handstands, backhandsprings/stepouts, and much more. This class will focus on building core strength and flexibility while aacquiring  valuable skills that can easily be transferred to dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics routines.
Cheer Tumbling: ages 6-18 (8:1 ratio) 55 minuteclass that focuses on cheer tumbling, cheer jumps, and motions. They will work on the floor, trampoline, and pit. They will also work on improving strength and flexibility in this class.
High Level Tumbling ages 6-18 (10:1 ratio) 55 minute tumbling class focusing on perfecting their advanced tumbling skills. (back tucks, and combination skills) This class is offered to tumblers that have had years of tumbling experience and have a backhandspring by themselves.
To try a class please call the front desk at 770-422-9900 or e-mail: [email protected] if you have further questions.

If you are interested in a class please call the front desk at: 770-422-9900 or email: [email protected] with any further questions.

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